My second home. A mere 368 days ago I was on my way… I miss you Canada.


Clearing Out.

Over the past two or three weeks I’ve been going through a process of clearing out. I’m not sure how much I’ve covered on this website, but I recently underwent a 40-day sadhana practice with a kriya based on connecting to the heart. This practice, of kundalini yoga, took me many places and revealed many things. More than anything though, it’s led me to clearing. Clearing of old memories, hurts, loves… anything that has piled up on top of my heart and slowed down it’s beat.

The past week or two I’ve been working my way through all my possessions. Beginning with my wardrobe, I realised that although I went through all my clothes this time last year, and just five months ago, I still had a lot of shit to let go of. Things like jeans I wore at my lowest weight (during teenage Bulimia), statues given to me by friends who I am no longer in contact with, and so on and so forth… I’m almost done; Just a few bits and bobs like jewellery to sort out and then I’m ready for the new year…

I am leaving all my digital clearing and organising till the new year; the physical clearing is enough right now. Mercury retrograde will serve to be a period of clearing out old word documents, getting my writing in order and preparing to do a summer school subject on business entrepreneurship! Yay!

I can feel the new year… Almost here…

Sat Nam &
Namaste ❤
KLeigh. Xxx

Comfort of the Angels.

Oh the many thoughts running through my mind – they run as children screaming and laughing in delightful chase… Playing for the sake of playing, discovering the world through a fantastic game where nothing is impossible.

I have just returned from having Christmas interstate with family in country Victoria, and feel… very well rested if not a little pudgy round the sides after feasting ;)!

One thing I was very surprised that occurred was just how well I slept. My aunt had set up a spare bed in the study, where electronics were blinking and whirring all night long… I slept right alongside and can honestly say that the last four nights of sleep I have felt so incredibly rejuvinated!! Bizarre considering I can feel the electricity from a turned on switch in my room and hear the electricity that runs through the house… but I credit my good nights sleep to not having a laptop with me before bed (I left it back at home for a good rest away) and for asking those Beings that love me unconditionally; spirit guides and angels; to protect me and surround me whilst I sleep…

The night of the Cancer full moon (my native moon, hurrah!) I spent a while sitting outside absorbing the moonlight… with my newly acquired and not yet moon-acquainted moonstone (so beautiful…!). So I sat there and let whatever feelings arise… whatever communication that needed to be done to be done… tears fell and sighs occured and I sat with half shut eyes basking in the moon-light; a foot in the external world and a foot in the internal world. I watched the moonlight dance in the river that fell from my eyes; this beautiful orange light of love. The communication of the moon in the most beautiful way, figures dancing in my vision, flames of love and fate and joyful celebration; of communication and knowing without intellect; of surrender to feeling without labels, trusting that the intelligence that runs through my body, my nervous system, my mind, to do the Work, to heed the messages…

So off I trotted to bed, and I felt a little iffy in this strange room so I again asked for protection of beings of unconditional love to surround me whilst I slept; as I fell into the space between awake and dreams I felt something in the room with me; more like two things, beings. Of pure peace. A light blue, slightly lilac colour, that let me know it was okay… I was on alert when I realised something was there but the feeling I got was of such calmness that I allowed myself to feel secure and slipped into the land of Dreams…


I didn’t really connect the dots between that occurrence til I finished reading a book I picked up from my grandmothers shelf on the weekend; Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue. It clicked. They were Angels. I’d asked, and they’d come. I don’t know who, but I am thankful. I feel so very rested, like I’ve allowed some deep part of me to take rest, to feel safe and secure.

The dreams I’ve been having have been plentiful, and I haven’t yet had time to sit with them. However, after one meeting last night I know I’d like assistence; perhaps some Reiki or energy healing… I feel like a cord needs to be cut, and before the new year… but all in good time.

In any case, there are many synchronicities that make me smile, that are telling me I am aligned on the right path… Again feeling called to the name of ‘Maia’ yet not sure just yet… Time will tell 😉

Sat Nam
& Namaste –
KLeigh. Xxx



Summer Solstice

As a lot of writers and people I follow on various social media accounts reside in the Northern hemisphere, and are as such celebrating the Winter Solstice, I thought I’d take time to reflect on the experience of Summer Solstice; here in South Australia.

I live in the driest state in the driest country, and yes it is hot. The sun sometimes feels like it is scorching me alive, revealing every last inch of me. And that’s how I feel. I almost envy the sweet, cool darkness; the silence of a snow covered land. Instead what I feel Summer Solstice does, and Summer in general, is highlights every inch of you. There is no where to hide. The insecurities, perceived flaws, out dated behaviour patterns… they all come to light. The Universe jests; “what cha gon’ do about it huh punk?”. And that’s what I feel it is… Whilst it is a celebration of the beautiful, amazing Sun that creates life on Earth and has lent me so much creative and practical inspiration and motivation over the past few weeks, it is also ruthless. Unforgiving. Unapologetic.

So yeah. What am I going to do about it? Feeling as though this Mercury pre-shadow phase is highlighting many things that will need to be taken care of in Janruary… and I am not afraid. I am courageous. I am full of light. I am a wild woman. I will stand up and fight.

A blessed Christmas to all of you… In the spirit of the Sacred spirit of Jesus Christ, may we all embrace what is highlighted by the months of the high Sun whatever may be revealed… Let us all interact with our family, friends, loved ones and not-so-loved ones from a place of deep compassion whilst still respecting personal boundaries. I wish you all, from the bottom of my sun-scorched heart, a time of heart-felt connection and celebration.

And a little synchronicity that popped up whilst looking for a photo…

Revelation 22:13
“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

Little timely signs… Popping up everywhere… What are you leading to, I wonder? What am I supposed to take note of…?

Sat Nam,
Namaste. ❤

Once Upon A Lucid Dream…

I didn’t sleep last night, for the thought of meeting with you.
Upon meeting, I wondered why i was so nervous…
I feel my words come out all in a jumble because I can’t get enough of me out for you to see fast enough.
See me, see me, see me.
I know you do.

You stop me several times, bringing me back to reality.
You take in the surroundings like the first gasp of air after a dive.
Deep, present, all-consuming.

I feel like it goes unsaid we will see each other again –
I hear the cogs in your words, your actions and your mind as much as mine.
“How could this work…?”
Don’t think I do not notice.

I could stay in a hug with you for an age.
Everything that went unsaid went into that hug.
Hang on to me, connect,
Can I breathe you in to my darkest depths?
Will you run away,
Or will you meet me halfway?

Can I forget the abstract for a minute,
And fill you in on the nitty gritty?
Could we just sit for a while,
And feel what I feel could be there…

The world tilted on it’s axis for us to meet,
The poles melted just slightly
And I cannot for the life of me explain
Just what a poignant point of my life
You have appeared in.

Would you explain it to me a different way?
Can I talk to you in glances, touches,
Almost kisses?
Or shall we reside in the world of the words
Just a while longer?

Morphing cliffs,
and speeding cars –
I thank, I thank
My lucky stars.

But let me pull it back,
Don’t want to be getting ahead of myself –
Except I feel like shouting as goodbye
“See you tomorrow!”.