Numbing the fear, numbing the fear, numbing the fear.
Trying hard to believe it’s all going to be okay.
Trying to roll with the waves, but everything feels too good to be true.

Who am I to arrive at the life I dreamed?
Who am I to step into a life of my creation?
Who am I to be so special, that I deserve a guarantee?

Life does not come with a guarantee.
I just hope I get to stay long enough,
to build a life
with You
and Me.


I love you.
I miss you already.
I am afraid that it is my time.
I am afraid that I am leaving.
I am afraid of terror.
I am afraid of being alone when I go.
I am afraid that I will not get to have a life with you.
Because I want one.
I want a life with you.
I want to live with you.
To grow with you.
Travel with you.
Explore cliffs, rivers, oceans and life with you.
Have children with you.

I want you, you, you.

Only you.


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