Ocean Spirit and Sea Snake Dreams

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I dreamt last night of the ocean. It was a real dream – one I know was sent as a messenger from beyond.

I was walking along the beach shore with my love, next to sanddune cliffs and became aware there was going to be a storm surge or a freak wave, and I was scared of a tsunami. I said to my lover, we need to run to the car and get out of here, but we were a while away and he said no we need to get to higher ground. So we ran, with all the people, and we found an apartment complex. We were climbing over the bannisters to rest and the wave had crashed into the shore and there was water below in the courtyard where there was once none.

We left there and knew there was another surge to come. It was raining. We came to an oval with a grandstand, standing on spindly metal legs – seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I wanted to keep running, but he encouraged me to get up on the grandstand. So we did. And we were there and the surge was coming and we were afraid but I remember thinking, as we kissed, that although I never imaged life to end like this, if it happened then it wasn’t so bad with you by my side. And the wave came, and came much higher than we’d thought and then it turned into lava. The rickety grandstand we were on that had been swaying, we suddenly tryed to get to stay steady with all our might.

The lava disappeared and became ocean again, and this time we swam. We swam through the city buildings, high. We were high. The ocean had come in metres and metres and metres. At least 20, if not more. I have the weird feeling to say 40 or 80.

Anyway, then my lover was gone (in dreamspeak) and there I was with a group of people in the middle of the town square and we knew that the tsunami wave was coming. We thought this was it. Then the spirit of the ocean, feminine, rose up looming large, but just for us. She told us to listen to what she had to say, and follow her instructions, and we’d be okay even if we were in the water when the wave hit. I remember dipping under to hear her message, but I can’t recall it… I know it was specific, but then there was the wave, and we were underwater, and she whispered to me about the group of snakes tangled up like vines below me, almost like clumped near a bannister? or something underwater. And she said that even if I drowned, or died, even though I was underwater because of this wave, I could save a snake. My death didn’t have to be for nought. And so I swam down and I released a snake from the pack and it was relatively skinny and green with spots, and it started to swim up to the surface and as it did it became much thicker, and turned darker with purple tones… it matured so to speak… and I swam up too and survived.

And then, part of the same dream but maybe not in the right order- but my love was gone, and instead I was there with my child, a daughter, around 10 or maybe a bit older. And we were running and making our way through this city, finding safe places to be when each surge hit. And I was twirling an engagement or marriage ring around my finger and saying to someone that although my love was gone, my daughter was the biggest gift I’d ever recieved and that it didn’t matter because life made sense with her (or something along those lines). And then we were looking, and we’d made our way onto this arc like boat, and it was also kind of like a church, and the end was coming – we knew the last wave was coming and it was big like armageddon big and my daughter and I had happened upon this boat like they’d been waiting for us because we were pairing people up, like in a marriage ceremony type thing. And the sunlight was golden and it was like the last hour on earth type thing…  And that’s the last thing I remember because I woke up then but wished I could fall back asleep to see how the End occurred.

So much message and meaning.

I felt like waking up and telling my love that our child would have been a girl.

I don’t know if that would help though.

Maybe that’s for me to know. And maybe it was my inner child?
But I really don’t feel so.

And the ocean – the messages. Wow. The serpent and the listening and the dying not in vain and trusting to guidance and following blindly because it is right and true and as long as I have that Faith I will survive. Releasing the serpent and seeing it ascend the clear waters, maturing with ease… Having purpose…


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