This winding and crazy path – perspective.

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Wow. It has been an age since I have posted a blog, an age since I have even thought about this blog.

Sitting here and reviewing some of those old poems has brought me to realise just how much has changed this year. All of the things I have let go of. Forgotten. All the things that have fallen away without me trying at all.

All the things that have come my way.

The things that are still to come.

The feelings in my body & the burning need for more simplicity.
For quiet conversations and silent kisses.
For gently held hands and true listening.
For midday sun and no shoes.
For giving thanks for all that is recieved.
For showing up for myself.
For showing up for others.
For silence and
for song.

For love,
and for path,
and for holding space for myself first and foremost.

For the true unknown of the future and for the
lack of fear.

for the curiosity
and astonishment
of all that is
and all that has come to be
and all that
will be.

So much has happened in a year.
So much love, destruction, and fear.
So many songs, and birds and trees,
so many flights and sleepless nights,
kisses and long hazy blurs.

I love you, I love me, I love love love the birds and the bees.

Sat Nam,
Big kiss
and a bear hug
to you.