Sweat drips down my brow as my leg quivers in the air, my knee waving from side to side down earthside. ‘Ground down, realign to the midline’ I hear. This helps. Tendency to exit out and rest when I ‘can’t’. Move through, do what you can. Focus on one point. What is your focus? Your drishti? It is not the problem, it is your attitude. Your focus. Be here, now, and do what you can. Others benefit from your totality, no matter how that shows up.

So many things flying around in my ether at the moment.

Desire to learn more about the body, physiology, joints, ligaments, structure, alignment, hormones. Mind body paradigm is not complete without the body. It is okay. Flip sides of the same coin, some come from one side of the fence and others from the other. You know, how it goes.

Spine, blood, brain, nerves, tissue, muscles, joints, bones, liagments, breath, food, let go, release, rinse and repeat.