O’ Mother Earth

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Mother Earth, O’ Mother Earth
You save me on the daily
You lead me right on through the bush,
Away from all my maybes.

You lead me through
My desire for connection,
Desire for escape and
with every step reveal to me
I have the power to create.

Through twists and turns,
Valleys, brambles and spurs,
You test me,
O’ Mother Earth

You become my Hell
and breathless you leave me begging to the heaven’s;
“Where does this path lead?”
I pray you tell.

Mama Earth I followed your call
To find myself in an ampitheatre of my fear
Help me help me I am frozen
You led me into the pits of my despair.

Silent as a stone
Still as a statue
I watch with envy the free flight of the wagtail
You exclaim ; oh wow just how this taunts you!

Immobilised, our shadows now do blend
To wrap their hands in stealth around my neck
Silently, I scream “please give me a sign”
Only to receive;”My dear, how soon you forget.”

Your breath, it moves the trees
Through them you do enunciate
and when all of this is said and done
You whisper, impatiently (as only mother’s do), in my ear
“Move, for heaven’s sake!”

Mother Earth, O Mother Earth
God damn I fucking love you,
Thank you for your cleansing waters
and rich dark soil,
but most of all;
your breath.


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