This past week has been challenging. It’s been fantastic.
I was at uni, doing an intensive week course in business. Having started off my university degree originally in business, I never thought I’d revisit it… but here we are. The end of my degree is looming and I feel something… brewing in the ocean of my life.

Self-worth. Who am I to not be my brilliant self? I have so much to offer – something I have been denying. “I have no skills”…”I am not qualified to do anything”…”What am I going to do after I finish my degree?”… I have faith. I can help, contribute, heal, connect. I am safe, secure, grounded, connected, free.

Reality's FableReality’s Fable – by Autumn Skye

That which is not meant for me will tell me. It is up to me to listen, and to act. It does not have to be sad, for yes I have left behind a lot… but look how far I have come… I have gone, in the space of five years, from a young girl suffering from depression, bulimia, and a severe lack of self-worth and coping mechanisms… to a young woman who holds within her to keys to her healing, who left behind a life of cutting her skin to shreds and instead learnt to scream… a woman who once tiptoed through her life and is now learning to roar… a woman who once tried to fit in with the crowd and who now acknowledges the path before her, whether it be through jungles filled with scraggly branches, or a wide open field… together or alone… I’ve gone from a young girl who was convinced there was nothing beyond this earthly form to knowing God in the most amazing, and indescribable ways…

After My LoveAfter My Love – Autumn Skye

Crack me open to reveal only Truth. Let what is not fall like fragments to the Earth… I am capable of communicating my Truth, my essence, my Voice… and my voice can heal… my hands can heal… my hugs can heal… I am allowed to be seen, heard, and felt. I deserve to live. I deserve love. I deserve the Love of God.

Every child deserves the Love of God.

You deserve the Love of God.

Sat Nam,
Kelsey ❤


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