The Beauty of Savasana

It’s almost a bit of a joke when someone says that their favourite yoga pose is savasana, or that it is the one they find the most difficult… Little chuckles follow this statement, but never in cruelty… always laughter because it can be so, so true…

I went back to kundalini yoga class for the first time this year on the weekend. To tell the truth, I just hadn’t been feeling like it for weeks, instead focusing on grounding hatha yoga asana and yin yoga practices… Melting into my body and seeing what was presenting itself in my body… To tell even more of the truth I feel like I almost didn’t want to fully ‘face myself’ as I knew kundalini yoga class would push me to do…

Alas, I went. I am so glad I did. The class itself was not overly strenuous, and I allowed myself to move as I saw fit, finding myself quite often in a deep squat; feet balanced and strongly connected to the earth, back straight, elbows pushing out my knees slightly and hands in prayer position before my forehead… In any case, by the time we reached savasana I was ready to rest… and then the call came to start to move again and sit up and I thought… no… I was resting.

I honestly don’t think I’ve allowed myself to rest so deeply in so long… I think my body is calling for it, drinking it up, allowing the work to be done without the mind in the way… So I savasana’d all throughout the ending Sat Nam mantra and meditation and all the way through people packing up and eventually came to feeling like a veil had been pulled from my eyes… That feeling I get when I’m half-way between sleep and waking in a deliciously rested way…  Carefree, childlike and simply me.

I’ve been sleeping so much lately and resting a heck of a lot… Relaxing… I feel like some serious things are shifting and moving about… that my body is charging up… and all of this is okay… Just as is the call to relax in savasana for a long, long time…

Peace & love ❤
Kayleigh XXX



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