It’s All In The Hips.

I will descend into the valley with you
full of green dense growth
I will watch the birds fly far above
and mourn our death; it’s close.

I will hold you,
as you hold me
just please accept
that sometimes I may retreat.

The other day
I struck upon
a long lost part of me
It’s long been gone,
truth be told
It hurt a part of me.

I cannot fully explain the feeling
emotion, sensation
but i give in to the healing
I will sit
I will try
I promise
but please oh please,
please let me cry.

The tears won’t flow
and I can barely breathe into this
It’s been laying dormant for so long
I cannot believe it’s been so amiss.

Whatever this is –
I welcome the discomfort
“be careful what you wish for”
I say bring on the thunder.

And there are many things
I could say to you
but none more than I can convey
when I look in your eyes, so blue.

Let my touch be enough,
Let myself come back Home,
let me give in – to feel love
both from without
and within.


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