Reset, Renew & Rebirth…

The last few years I have set new years intentions from the heart. I have sat with myself in meditation, considering all that had happened in the year that’s gone and what I feel is calling to be attended to at the end of the year. I have felt the energy of the new year begin way before the official countdown; knowing and implementing action to set up a fertile ground for the next year.

Two years ago I set the intention to listen to myself; to really, really listen. What a year that was… My family and I almost drowned whilst white-water rafting; an occurrence that was in hindsight a major catalyst for so much of the past two years… I went back to Kundalini yoga classes and found myself on a path that felt so, so right. I delved into meditation, yoga and found myself riding the waves of resistance and flow… of light and dark… found myself participating in a Vipassana meditation introduction course and undertaking a powerful vow of silence… Went through heart-break, and confusion… the end of 2014 I set the intention that I wanted to do to act in the next year…

2015 saw me moving early January to Canada for four months, living in the land of snow, silence and so, so much more… Dark nights, nights full of laughter and love, facing fears, shying away from others… It saw me fly to San Francisco to travel in a van with two friends I’d met not four months before… hiking and rock climbing all through California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona… Drinking red wine chilled in mountain streams and meeting some incredible interesting nomadic people…


Valley of Fire, Nevada – earlier this year. One of the most BEAUTIFUL places on Earth I have ever had the privilege of Being…

It saw me travel to Mexico to meet with friends and follow my intuition and stay behind as they left… Saw me realise a dream (in both senses of the word) of diving and staring up at the beautiful, beautiful sun stream down through metres and metres of ocean to caress my face… Saw me travel to Belize and Guatemala and stumble upon things that spoke into the depths of the cavern of my soul; many things occurred there that I have been warned – it is not my place to know just yet, my body could not handle it… It saw me hike a multi-day trail in Iceland and experience a week without night; travel throughout England and rekindle a love of literature..

IMG_3450.JPGCaribbean breath bubbles 🙂 – earlier this year.

And then the year took me back home. Back to try and fit into the cut out of myself before I left. Back to realise I was in the same place as when I left. Back to reject yoga, meditation and anything that’d connect me to myself… It let me to isolation, and cracking, to letting the sacred Woman within me spread her wings and march herself right back to the yoga studio. It let me to committing to my higher Self. Let me to sacred womens circles and dancing with the spirits of the wood; it led me to release of grief, acceptance of a sense of non-belonging and a deep desire to return to the places I felt were Home… Things I am still intergrating through the sacred spiral of understanding… It led me to meeting some truly beautiful people, to trusting the process, to resistence of my university degree…

And eventually it led me to clearing out. Physically. The last month or so of 2014 was a big one; clearing out all my physical possessions as I recognised a calling to clear out. I recognised a feeling within that was one of overwhelm – because you know what? I am so sick of having so much creative potential within me that I feel I can’t express, I’m so sick of forever having a ‘to-do list’ and a backlog of things I haven’t gotten around to yet, a backlog of things that ‘I’ll get around to one day’…

Guess what? That day is today. That day is this week, this month, this year. I feel the need to clear out… Body, mind, soul… and to wrap up so many things I have begun… in order for me to create the life I desire; the life I feel my feet reaching for… yearning to feel the Earth on my feet… In meditation a few days ago I asked for a message about what this year is to bring and I saw a great big snake rise up and plunge deep into the soft, brown Earth… down into the depths of the Earth… I feel a call for grounding, for creating a base, a new foundation from which to launch myself from…

ATM Cave, Belize. Gateway to the Underworld.

So today – I cleared out my emails. Trivial, but it feels so great! After clearing all my physical space, it’s time to clear out documents, photos, electronic accounts and the like… All to create space for love, life, and light.  The call to reset, reload, recharge, re-birth my self & my life. (I have been seeing the word rebirth absolutely everywhere and having a mad old chuckle).

~ End of ramble! ~ (almost)

I’ve recently started hitting the gym again, with a usual routine of sitting on the bike getting nice and sweaty whilst listening to a bunch of podcasts and inspirational/motivational speakers I’ve found online.

Here are the links to a few of them:

Steve Pavlina: Personal Development for Smart People (podcasts)

Alexi Panos (youtube)

Gary van Warmerdam: Pathway To Happiness

And I have also downloaded some new music recently and thought this band (ANNA RF) was the absolute ducks nuts. Check them out:

And been watching quite a few belly-dance videos… Seriously; check this amazing woman out: Rachel Brice belly dancing to ‘Egyptic’ by Beats Antique.

Love & light –
Kleigh ❤

p.s. cover art by



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