Clearing Out.

Over the past two or three weeks I’ve been going through a process of clearing out. I’m not sure how much I’ve covered on this website, but I recently underwent a 40-day sadhana practice with a kriya based on connecting to the heart. This practice, of kundalini yoga, took me many places and revealed many things. More than anything though, it’s led me to clearing. Clearing of old memories, hurts, loves… anything that has piled up on top of my heart and slowed down it’s beat.

The past week or two I’ve been working my way through all my possessions. Beginning with my wardrobe, I realised that although I went through all my clothes this time last year, and just five months ago, I still had a lot of shit to let go of. Things like jeans I wore at my lowest weight (during teenage Bulimia), statues given to me by friends who I am no longer in contact with, and so on and so forth… I’m almost done; Just a few bits and bobs like jewellery to sort out and then I’m ready for the new year…

I am leaving all my digital clearing and organising till the new year; the physical clearing is enough right now. Mercury retrograde will serve to be a period of clearing out old word documents, getting my writing in order and preparing to do a summer school subject on business entrepreneurship! Yay!

I can feel the new year… Almost here…

Sat Nam &
Namaste ❤
KLeigh. Xxx


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