Comfort of the Angels.

Oh the many thoughts running through my mind – they run as children screaming and laughing in delightful chase… Playing for the sake of playing, discovering the world through a fantastic game where nothing is impossible.

I have just returned from having Christmas interstate with family in country Victoria, and feel… very well rested if not a little pudgy round the sides after feasting ;)!

One thing I was very surprised that occurred was just how well I slept. My aunt had set up a spare bed in the study, where electronics were blinking and whirring all night long… I slept right alongside and can honestly say that the last four nights of sleep I have felt so incredibly rejuvinated!! Bizarre considering I can feel the electricity from a turned on switch in my room and hear the electricity that runs through the house… but I credit my good nights sleep to not having a laptop with me before bed (I left it back at home for a good rest away) and for asking those Beings that love me unconditionally; spirit guides and angels; to protect me and surround me whilst I sleep…

The night of the Cancer full moon (my native moon, hurrah!) I spent a while sitting outside absorbing the moonlight… with my newly acquired and not yet moon-acquainted moonstone (so beautiful…!). So I sat there and let whatever feelings arise… whatever communication that needed to be done to be done… tears fell and sighs occured and I sat with half shut eyes basking in the moon-light; a foot in the external world and a foot in the internal world. I watched the moonlight dance in the river that fell from my eyes; this beautiful orange light of love. The communication of the moon in the most beautiful way, figures dancing in my vision, flames of love and fate and joyful celebration; of communication and knowing without intellect; of surrender to feeling without labels, trusting that the intelligence that runs through my body, my nervous system, my mind, to do the Work, to heed the messages…

So off I trotted to bed, and I felt a little iffy in this strange room so I again asked for protection of beings of unconditional love to surround me whilst I slept; as I fell into the space between awake and dreams I felt something in the room with me; more like two things, beings. Of pure peace. A light blue, slightly lilac colour, that let me know it was okay… I was on alert when I realised something was there but the feeling I got was of such calmness that I allowed myself to feel secure and slipped into the land of Dreams…


I didn’t really connect the dots between that occurrence til I finished reading a book I picked up from my grandmothers shelf on the weekend; Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue. It clicked. They were Angels. I’d asked, and they’d come. I don’t know who, but I am thankful. I feel so very rested, like I’ve allowed some deep part of me to take rest, to feel safe and secure.

The dreams I’ve been having have been plentiful, and I haven’t yet had time to sit with them. However, after one meeting last night I know I’d like assistence; perhaps some Reiki or energy healing… I feel like a cord needs to be cut, and before the new year… but all in good time.

In any case, there are many synchronicities that make me smile, that are telling me I am aligned on the right path… Again feeling called to the name of ‘Maia’ yet not sure just yet… Time will tell 😉

Sat Nam
& Namaste –
KLeigh. Xxx




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