Once Upon A Lucid Dream…

I didn’t sleep last night, for the thought of meeting with you.
Upon meeting, I wondered why i was so nervous…
I feel my words come out all in a jumble because I can’t get enough of me out for you to see fast enough.
See me, see me, see me.
I know you do.

You stop me several times, bringing me back to reality.
You take in the surroundings like the first gasp of air after a dive.
Deep, present, all-consuming.

I feel like it goes unsaid we will see each other again –
I hear the cogs in your words, your actions and your mind as much as mine.
“How could this work…?”
Don’t think I do not notice.

I could stay in a hug with you for an age.
Everything that went unsaid went into that hug.
Hang on to me, connect,
Can I breathe you in to my darkest depths?
Will you run away,
Or will you meet me halfway?

Can I forget the abstract for a minute,
And fill you in on the nitty gritty?
Could we just sit for a while,
And feel what I feel could be there…

The world tilted on it’s axis for us to meet,
The poles melted just slightly
And I cannot for the life of me explain
Just what a poignant point of my life
You have appeared in.

Would you explain it to me a different way?
Can I talk to you in glances, touches,
Almost kisses?
Or shall we reside in the world of the words
Just a while longer?

Morphing cliffs,
and speeding cars –
I thank, I thank
My lucky stars.

But let me pull it back,
Don’t want to be getting ahead of myself –
Except I feel like shouting as goodbye
“See you tomorrow!”.


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