Out At Sea

A storm is coming;
It tingles through the air
We spot it far upon the horizon,
Feel the wind caress our air.

We were not prepared,
But we are Ready
We will work with what we’ve got,
If nothing else – we’ll keep ourselves steady.

Weather this storm,
through the forces that flow through me,
I know I know,
you’ll eventually see…

and a calm, calm head
lest you end up
on the sea bed.

What’s mine is yours,
i see the look in your eyes,
I see it when when you smile,
even more when you cry.

You are determined,
we’re here together,
praise the forces that be
that have created this weather.

To treat each challenge
as a gift
is surely holy,
and trust me – it brings unimaginable benefit.

You’ll make it,
We’ll make it,
We made it,
(We made it).

In the midst of every
terrifying and fearsome storm,
there is an unchangeable calm –
this is the source of
I am that
I am.



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