– ‘I Walk The Line’ Johnny Cash
(Halsey Cover)

“Blooming flowers – Winds of change – Birds riding the waves. Gnarly-Comsic-Love-Dredge-Sludge-Machine. Life can be muddy-dark-confusing. Crack-Boom-Rumble. Seeds don’t transform into flowers overnight.” – KC.

Many things are afoot, dear friends.
My body is a bridge, and I stand in the middle with one foot on sacred ground and the other in the ether.
It is up to me to let them meet in the middle… To bring sacred direction, thought, and guidance into the Earthly plane… and to drag the shadow to where it can be illuminated, wrapped in a loving embrace… To where both sides can gaze upon the gushing waters underneath… Whether they be muddied, clouded, or clear… To watch, observe, and experience… To bring into awareness of the ever-present presence…

Asking for guidance when you already know the next step is futile, you must step forth sweet thing – step into the raging flood and drag up the soil… let it coat your hands, see the bugs crawl around your fingers and breathe in the Earth… let your toes sink into the mud and revel in the sensations for this, too, is Divine…

This life is a wild ride and things aren’t always sunshine-lollypops-and-rainbows. Your soul mate might not be one whose lips you ever sink into – they might be one that shows you everything you hate-despise-deny in yourself. You are a reflection, a reflection of darkness that is dying-screaming-crying to be loved. Acknowledge, accept, leap forward… Speak the God Damn Truth even if your voice God Damn shakes. Speak the Truth even if your hands shake and you spill tea all over your legs, even if you are staring at bricks with the almost-full-moon grazing your back. Speak the Truth with your eyes even if you cannot find the words to comfort the other… For your just Being is comfort enough… Authenticity is enough, even if it feels like you are about to die… Let the Truth illuminate that which needs to live, and that which needs to die… Trust in the mothers that live within you to make the judgement calls, even if those around you do not understand… For even if you do not understand the reasons, you will feel in the seat of your heart that deep Knowing and Understanding and you will recognise the Path.

Trust, divine ones… this full moon period has been one hell of a ride. Crack-Rumble-Boom, let’s create some room.

Love, Light, and sacred Understanding to you…
Peace and Namaste,


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