One Day.

I just read a blog post by someone I follow on word press who poised the following question…

If at the end of your life, you were given the option to live one day out of your life over again, just one day, just for the next 24 hours, what day would you choose?

Well. Give me a minute to collect myself, but the first day that popped into my head was a day several months ago in Mexico. A man I’d met during my dive course (he was the diving assistant) took me to a town about a half an hour away to go swim with the big, beautiful sea turtles and sting rays… We swam even further beyond the tourists to one of his favourite reefs, admiring fish… I remember one which eyed me warily and followed for a while… So divine… We lay and sunned ourself on the beach, him cutting open mango and a fruit which I’ve forgotten the name of with his diving knife for us to devour… I still have the mango stains on my sarong… they will not come out and I like to see them… a reminder of such a wonderful day… We then walked along spikey rocks for an hour or so beside the chaotic and wild ocean, before we snuck into several abandoned houses to check them out… We found a CD of a man he’d been talking about on the way and some spare paints… I painted a mural of a sun over the ocean on the wall and I wonder if he’s been back there since to see the reminder that I was once there… We were once there together… Riding the waves of attraction and sun kissed Summer flings… We walked til we found a beach side bar and just as the rain began we climbed a tower to watch a storm roll in with a beer in hand and sweet kisses to complement the delectable guacamole… We walked back alongside the road with our thumbs out, ducking into the leafy overgrowth to attempt to find a hidden lagoon but turned back due to mosquitos and mud covering out feet… Once back in the town, after dinking on his bike… I bid him adieu and spent some time hanging out with people at the hostel, smoking and drinking and reading my book til he came back with groceries to make a vegan version of ceviche for me… We devoured it and talked into the night, before I finally bid him good night, despite him insistence to come home with him… Such a kind, and wonderful soul but I did not feel right about it so I took heed of my intuition and fell into a deep slumber with sand in between my toes, mango on my tounge and the kiss of the sun on my face… It was a good day.

BUT. If I were to relive a day… That might not be it. It was a beautiful, wonderful day, but I can think of an even sweeter one… It was a Sunday, after exams had finished for the semester, and my father, my mother and I drove down to the beach so I could participate in my first 10km run… I insisted they didn’t have to wait for me, but they were there the three times I passed to cheer me on… I faced myself that day and prooved I could run 10km… that I could say yes to life and ignore my ego whispering no no no… Then later that day I bounded off to Kundalini Yoga class with my divine teacher… and came home to eat dinner with my mother, father and brother… A simple day, but full of sun, support and bliss…

I am so deeply grateful for the small things, the seemingly mundane days, for each meal I get to eat with my family, for each conversation and cup of tea… For each knowing smile as we turn at the same time after snapping at each other… I have been feeling such a call to be with my family of late, and I can feel they have to… To really enjoy the small moments and time we have with each other for things always change… Life is always in flux and before we know it this time in our lives will be over…

As always,
in deep gratitude…
Peace and Namaste ❤


Comments, thoughts, questions?

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