Ready/Not Ready.

I just wrote a massive long post about an incredible dream I just awoke from, and the internet just crashed and I lost it all. So – I’m going to trust that perhaps I am not to share the totality of the dream and message with you bar for this – the Divine is Almighty and Fierce… It is both Matriarchal and Patriarchal, and we need to tend to both aspects of our Self… and we had best heed the messages and intuitions we receive else risk being blown apart… Much like the Eastern European folklore tale of Vasalisa, sometimes it is wisest to withhold asking… for to know too much too soon can age us before our time… Trust in the process…

So I am trusting, and honouring the messages I received, and I tell you Universe, I’m listening. I’m here. I love you, all of you.

Peace, love and Namaste,
Kelsey ❤


Comments, thoughts, questions?

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