Once Upon A Dream…

How to recognize a Past Life Connection

I think I saw you in my dreams darling…

Hmmmm… I am not quite sure what it is, but I am currently feeling inspired to share this tale with you… A tale of the lands of Mexico, Belize and Guatemala and what I came to find there…

Earlier this year, the months of May and June, I travelled throughout Central America. Originally, the plan was to fly down there (from Utah) to meet a group of seven friends I’d met whilst living in Canada and travel around the Yucatan and Quitana Roo regions (the section near the Carribbean) of Mexico. Alas, life had other plans for me, and instead of booking a flight back to Canada to explore the Rockies with a few of those said friends, I chose to stay in Mexico, and venture forth to the coastal (kind of), laidback town of Tulum, solo.

There were many wonderful, amazing souls that I met in Mexico that made my mind, body and soul dance with pure joy… and then I left Mexico, remarking several weeks later to one of the men that came into my life that Mexico felt like a second home to which he replied that it was, and always would be… Why did I feel he meant it in more ways than just a superficial sense?

So I left… to travel with a tour group through Belize and Guatemala… to the wonderful island of Caye Caulker. On the morning of my 21st birthday, I walked barefoot out my door to go scuba diving. Only two other people were booked in that day; a young husband and wife who were currently living in New Orleans and on a week or two trip around the country. I can’t remember much about the woman, except for her looking athletic and being quite nice, but the man… I remember the man. He was a doctor, I believe, as well as a dive-master.


Okay, so I felt drawn to this guy, in the way that sometimes I feel… that I am very strongly drawn to people that are often taken or it is ‘innapropriate’ for me to have feelings towards… So in these cases I can often get quite, reserved and not talk much at all… I also tend to avoid eye contact for long periods of time, as I feel it is too powerful to allow, given the restrictive circumstances… WOW, how am I just realising this?

Okay… so yes I felt drawn to him… we all had a fantastic time diving, I survived a mid-descent panic attack and got to swim with the fishes, and spend time basking in one of my favourite views in the entire world… the sun shining from under 21m of ocean!! Ahhhhh… BLISS!! So I bid the couple adieu, and continued on having an amazing 21st birthday, surrounded by wonderful, caring and fantastic souls… The next morning, I believe I was picking up my laundry or walking back from breakfast and I felt immediately drawn to this man with a big backpack, walking alongside a woman. I thought it so strange that I found him so familiar, and then as we walked past it clicked. It was him! So we had a quick conversation, in which again – I made extreme effort to chat with the woman – I felt that to talk with him would make the Earth stand still and the magnetism on my behalf too obvious. So again, I bid them adieu and good luck on the remainder of their week of travels.

The next town we headed to as a tour group was the inland town of San Ignacio. As we pulled in on the bus, one of the most hilarious bus rides of my life – note: Belize chicken bus  – I had an incredible sense of de ja vu. I’d been there before. Through the streets that wound with the worn sign… to that courtyard that held the ‘bus station’. I’d been there, around seven months before, in a dream that I put down to pre-travel nerves… being lost in a big, ramshackle city. But there I was, in the material form…

The next day (I think… travel timelines are always a tad fickle) – actually, two days later… Ahhh okay! Let me get this straight. I forget what we did the first day, but the last night we were in San Ignacio we all went out for dinner. After dinner my tour guide and I headed out for a drink as we weren’t ready to hit the hay and… well one thing lead to another, but we we sat for hours at a bar that eventually closed, looking out over the courtyard and enjoying each others company and conversation… Yes I’d found him attractive, and even had a strange feeling when I walked past him the day we met when I wasn’t aware who he was yet, but had no intention of initiating anything with someone who was supposedly ‘off limits’. So, I told him about the dream I’d had, and the feeling I got, and he told me there was nowhere on Earth he’d rather be than right there with me. Walking back to the hotel, he grabbed me and surprised me with a kiss and the rest… is a lot of history, a lot of fun, a lot of sexual healing.

So I thought that’s what the connection was, for a long time. The de ja vu, the dream… until Father Hindsight came to visit me several days ago and show me a thing or two. For it was the very next day, when a little hung over, some of the group and I went to visit the ATM caves just out side of San Ignacio. So, so beautiful… But before I get ahead of myself; lo and behold when we got to the store in the morning there was that same couple from the island, ready to embark with us. The tour company seperated us into groups and I didn’t know till we were pulling out and two more people got in our car that they had been allocated with us…

The beautiful, mystical entrance we swam through to enter the kilometres deep cave…

Throughout the entire time to, in, and from the caves, I felt the need to get closer to this man… A magnetic attraction… Subconciously and perhaps a tad conciously, working toward him, or being at the back of the group so we could walk, and climb and find our way through the AMAZING, sacred cave together. I have never experienced darkness like that, silence like that… The sound of one drop of water falling from the cavern roof and landing in the gentle waters was so incredibly profound… At the end of the tour, I bid them adieu and safe travels home, and never saw them, or him again… I mentioned this man to my friend on the tour, about a month later when I visited her in England, thinking it was seemingly insignificant, yet she commented that she’d noticed him trying to get closer to me… hanging back to the back of the group where I was… She said she thought I knew… I didn’t, but I know that it wasn’t just one sided… At least I do now… Divine timing and hindsight and lessons and healing to be done… Bliss and mystery…

Another strange thing to occur – I’d been air playing the piano notes of ‘Once Upon A Dream/Sleeping Beauty’ throughout the week after I met this man, and when I was on a hotel roof in Antigua, Guatemala, doing some yoga and dance during a particularly emotional few days, I heard a car go past with what must have been a massive speaker on it’s roof playing that song… I don’t know what it was, but something led me to those lands. I met a beautiful gypsy woman from Patagonia just prior to the roof coincidence in the city of Panajachel by Lago Atitlan, who looked me in the eyes, with her gorgeous beautiful eyes, and told me I was with good people here. That night I had the most connected and soulful sex of my life, saw hurt and anger and shame and love and my Self in a mans eyes, bled into the night and…

The Universe works in mysterious ways. I feel I knew that man in another life, the one from the island and the caves. Is it a coincidence I met him on my 21st birthday? Is it a coincidence we bumped into them when we were visiting one of the most sacred, ancient, beautiful caves in the world? Is it a coincidence that all our meetings revolved around water? Deep, still, sacred waters… Hmmmmm… Many things to ponder, but I feel my soul needed to grieve – for that man that I saw a whole life with, that couldn’t occur. That happens, you meet people who are your soul mates when the timing is off… and you just have to let go and say “I’ll see you in another life, my love”….

Sat Nam & Namaste my dreamers… Xxx ❤


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