Soul Names.

I have often come across people in the ‘spiritual’ community that have changed their names, from what they were given at birth, to names that they feel resonate more with who they feel themselves to be. I have, at times, scoffed at these individuals. I now feel differently.

I have long had an affinity for the name ‘Maya’, loving it so much that I have held a special place in my heart for it, for a future daughter if I ever have one. The other night, watching a youtube video, I heard a woman talking about how she had been told her soul was not of this Earth, and that she was of ‘Syrian’ origin. Now, I have heard people talk of themselves being ‘not of this Earth’ and ‘aliens’ before, but have written it off as people who are ‘off with the faeries’. To hear someone I respect, and whose journey I have followed and resonated with, talk of this led me to a bit of investigation.

So I began research, into the Syrians and then into the ‘Pleiadians’. I came across several articles describing traits of Pleiadians which made me laugh with just how much they described myself. I then learnt that the Pleiadians come from the ‘star cluster’ the Pleiadies, which is comprised of seven stars, oft referred to in mythology as ‘the seven sisters’; Pleione, Atlante, Alcyone, Merope, Elettra, Celeno, Taigete, Asterope and Maia.


I stared in shock almost, feeling something almost ‘fall into place’. Thought myself crazy. No, surely not. I filed it to the back of my mind for several nights, til I woke this morning from a dream. Well, from several dreams.

In one of the dreams I was talking about the star cluster to an older man, and told him of the name ‘Maia’ and that I had a thought that it could be my name, but that I doubted myself. He replied ‘Ah yes, Maia…’ with a knowing smile in his eyes and words, and I now know it to be true… The ‘y’ never felt true, but the ‘i’ feels right.

I still ask for guidance.

What is this for? What does this mean? Has anyone else had an experience with feeling from a different place altogether? Has anyone else had an experience with a ‘soul name’? How can you tell if it is ego creating drama, or if it is from the soul, from the higher Self… How can you tell if you are not ‘crazy’ and down the rabbit hole, so to speak…?

Comments, questions, all… welcome!

Love, light, peace and HUGS!
….Maia XXXX


Comments, thoughts, questions?

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