Surfing The Waves Of The Now

I have been mildly sick for just over a week now, predominantly with a sore throat. I was walking the dog a few days ago and started thinking about what it represented; on what level this infection had entered… My throat chakra. So I got to thinking about all I have not been saying or expressing… Only to get home and read a post from a wise woman on Facebook concerning the moon being in Sagittarius and it being a time where many could come down with sore throats if they are not expressing a Truth…

Then I had a very vivid dream a few nights ago, one where I woke up and thought “where the hell did that come from?”. I dreamt of big wave waterfall whirlpools, where I was suddenly in surf school and supposed to be entering a competition. I tried to tell everyone I didn’t surf but they told me “I was more capable than I thought”… Later that I day I found out that this full moon coming up tonight is in Pisces and read this from Yoga Anonymous…

“A. This Full Moon opens up a mystical, watery realm far beyond what the eye can see.
B. Pisces correlates with the feet.
C. You need to stay grounded through both feet, (I’m calling it Grounded Grace…more on that in a minute) in order to surf the big waves that swell up around the Super Moon on August 29.”


I am remembering things. I smoked weed the other night for the first time in a long time… I stopped pretty much cold turkey in october last year before I went and did a Vipassana meditation course, and since then have only smoked 3-4 times of like a puff each, realising that my time with weed was done, that I had a toxic relationship with it and that it was impacting my life negatively… until the other night. I smoked, and I reconnected with the now, and remembered my SELF, and the ‘is-ness’ of everything… I remember why i used to regard weed as a teacher, and I think it has something to teach me. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote, and acknowledged emotions, smudged my room, stretched intuitively… was empowered and excited to move forward and grow and take the necessary steps to do so. So I am going to contact and old friend and get some sacred ganja…. but as I have said many a time to myself and others the past year… weed needs to be treated with respect and so I am going to treat it with respect.
I watched this awesome video the other night with Alison & Alex Grey about spirituality and marijuana… It blew my mind and made me smile so much. I think that I will have to create a ritual with weed, treat it as a monthly or weekly event of reconnection and immersion into learning from it. I had loaded some stoner comics and the like before I smoked, but found I was disinterested and found that unstimulating in my ‘altered’ state… a sign of a different, evolved relationship with marijuana…
I am discovering the power and need for ritual in my life… for intention… placebo… sacred direction… I am feeling more myself… more of Grace… 222. Back to Kundalini yoga class tomorrow to see my teacher for the first time in 8 months… nervous and excited! Bring on stepping back into life, and being who I want to be ‘back at home’ and not just whilst travelling.
Sat Nam, lovers!

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