Courageous Conversations

Courageous conversations will save the day,
paving the path for a brand new way
our interactions must go beyond hello and goodbye
beyond jobs and study
housing and complaints,
to a place where we truly hear one another,
where we listen,
a place not of restraint.

12 hours ago I entered an event my head up in the clouds
and not 6 ago I left
felt again part of the ground
– the soil that surrounds this Canadian land,
once so foreign
has begun to take on a life of its own
I am listening

To the silence of the snow,
the lay of the land,
the people voices,
and those that say
We can

We can rise above,
Above lethargy, blind sheep faith,
All the wicked things we say of eachother’s names
-We can see above the clouds
if only we plant our seeds
in this potent fertile ground

I hear a movement,
I feel this energy,
It’s tangible,
Like in physics how width breadth and distance comprise what we call 3D,
The time of the fourth;
It is what I can now see

Time stops still sometimes,
In moments with strangers
With eyes of sea foam –
And I stop and wonder why it is
I’m a million miles away,
But here I feel at home

My heart feels at peace
– at peace with
making bridges of understanding
Brutal honesty and
All loving Truth

I feel a spark within myself,
My insides growing hot
I feel my biological soup stirring and boiling in order to
To transcend barriers between race, sex, gender, sexuality, interests, status, appearance
To move and shake,
This alchemy is magic and it has been simmering down low

And it’s been on my mind lately, how is it that we always know?
I feel a tug, a recognition, and a call toward individuals whose names I don’t even know and when we talk I am filled with pure joy
I love this chaotic world with a secret order all of it’s own,
Coffee shops where I get to shake off the freezing snow,
I love moments like this,
Sharing thoughts and many a wish,
I’ve come to love the cold winter air
So tantalisingly beautiful it feels like an ice queen’s kiss.

It’s late and I’ve got to rest my weary head,
My tired eyes, my fluttering heart,
But I’ll finish with this;
Keep up the good work,
the open conversation
And acting from your kind, generous hearts.

It’s said so often, but we are all one,
We are the rise and fall of the waves,
The colours of the setting sun,
So let’s unite and reconnect,
Become environmental warriors
and act to preserve that with which we are all so wonderfully blessed.

To borrow a term used to end yoga class;
May the long time sun
Shine upon you,
All love surround you,
And the pure light within you,
Guide your way on.”

Sat Nam,


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