Anstey’s Exploration

I’ve been wanting to explore Anstey’s Recreation Park, about 16km north of Adelaide, for a while now but have never felt comfortable going by myself… So when I found out one of my friends from uni wanted to as well, we organised for us and one of her friends to head out there for a hike. The main allure was this track called Torture Hill, but turns out it was only a 5 minute, albeit incredibly steep, hike up to the ridge-line. Before that though, was this set of abandoned buildings, long since worn down.

ansteys1 ansteys-eloise1 ansteys4

I seem to have developed a curiosity regarding windows…

ansteys6 ansteys7 ansteys8

It was pretty cool out there – there were some graffiti covered pipelines I didn’t take the opportunity to photograph. Word of advice though; I wouldn’t hike out there by yourself. It’s pretty remote and not much foot traffic (we only saw two – three groups of people in the two hours or so that we hiked). I’m certain that there’s another half of the park we didn’t traipse across to… Perhaps next time!


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