Fire In Da Hole

I have had this idea of a project in my head for a while now. There is a hiking trail about 10km from my house that I frequent quite often, and on the way there there is an abandoned house burnt out and full of cobwebs and graffiti. So, I decided that this afternoon was the time, so I dressed in the colourful clothes I’d imagined myself wearing, and armed with my hiking shoes, tripod and brothers camera, I set off. When I got there I snapped some photos…

cleland-leaves cleland-burntout cleland-graffiti cleland-cobwebs

but came to the second doorway (image below) and, as always, stopped cold in my tracks. I’ve been past there before, but always with others. I know abandoned buildings typically have an eerie sense to them but the little voice in my head warned me to not go any further… I stood there for some while until I heard laughter. It wasn’t mine. It was coming from the room. Something laughed and dared me to turn my back on love.

cleland-fireindaholecleland-love cleland-window

I slowly walked backwards some steps, and then turned around and walked calmly, but very quickly, out the side entrance and snapped two more photos (above) before I left. I can’t return and complete the project without someone coming along for moral support and protection… but to be honest I’m not even sure if I want to.

Portal, portal, portal. Doorways where the veil is the thinnest.


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